Global Women Inspired by and Inspiring others #everydayinspiration

Global Women Inspired by and Inspiring others #everydayinspiration. Everyday Inspiration has been designed to inspire and develop female talent – tackling the adage of “You can’t be what you can’t see”.

This has been developed by a group of Wellington based leaders who had the privilege of participating in the Global Women Activate Leadership Programme during 2017. Each of us will have one, or if fortunate, several people in our lives that have inspired or helped define our path. These individuals are not necessarily prominent business leaders; it can be the simplest gesture or moment in time that shapes our future.Take Drew Dudley’s own story as a true example of this here

With the expertise of Hannah Stancliffe-White, who has donated her time and talent to our project, we have created an #everydayinspiration web page. We are proud to launch this through the Global Women site and, with this, introduce you to our first contributors from the Wellington cohort who share their own story on what and who inspires them.

At a personal level, my highlight has been taking some of the key lessons from our Leadership Course and bringing these to life in the organisation I work for. Most recently my fellow NZ Post cohort participants facilitated our version of a Personal Purpose session. What resonated in our group, was that by bringing your whole self to work, and, understanding your purpose, people are able to contribute more effectively and focus on areas they are passionate about or believe in.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our site, share your own stories, and encourage you to contribute ideas that will allow #everydayinsirpation to continue empowering female leaders in the workplace and in our communities. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us through the link

Best regards

Your Global Women Activate Wellington Graduates Global Women

Inspired by and Inspiring others #everydayinspiration

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